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Shout Out To My EX: How to Invest in Employee Experience to Boost Productivity, Positivity and Profitability

Companies that invest in the employee experience (EX) are four times more profitable than those that don’t. Yet, most organisations struggle to recognise the value in doing so. This report from Criticaleye Partner, Cognizant, reveals why EX isn’t gaining enough traction and explains how best to implement an EX-improvement strategy effectively.
Key takeaways include:
  • Companies with highly engaged employees outperformed their competitors by 147 percent, finds this report from Cognizant.
  • While senior executives appear to understand the link between improved EX and a subsequent rise in customer experience (CX) and revenues, organisations have still not moved beyond ‘exploring the opportunity’.
  • When improving EX, it is important to keep the three pillars –  Mindset, Methods and Measure – at the forefront of your approach. Prioritising these key areas equally will ultimately drive success.

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