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Criticaleye's Community Updates are read each week by Members, registered users, and subscribers globally. Click on any of the topics below to see the corresponding newsletter. If you would like to comment further on any of these topics, write to us via info@criticaleye.com.

A Roadmap for Net Zero

At Criticaleye’s recent Global Sustainability Forum, it was made clear that Boards must be brave when it comes to innovation, partnerships and investing for the long term. The danger is that executives, along with policymakers and governments, set objectives for reducing carbon emissions without making the tough calls that will bring about lasting change. (read more)

A New Ecosystem for Leadership

It feels like there’s a genuine shift in the minds of business leaders on the issue of sustainability. Across a wide range of sectors, Board-level directors seem to understand that customers, employees and investors want to see a real commitment to Net Zero and a whole lot more. (read more)

The Next Stage of Digital Evolution

The past 18 months have accelerated the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As part of this, businesses around the world have been forced to review their operating models and make decisions about technology, people and organisational agility. (read more)

The Great Workplace Experiment

Human Resources Directors have seen their profile skyrocket over the past year as hybrid working, employee engagement and wellbeing joined the leadership team’s top priorities. Now HRDs must again lead the way as they set out what the future of work will look like – and there is no one-size-fits-all model. (read more)