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Building a Future of High Performance

The UK’s public sector is embarking on a period of transformation not seen for a generation. This challenge will require great leaders who can reimagine the future and then make this a reality with the help of the right structures, people and long-term thinking. (read more)

The Global Business Outlook for 2022

It’s a brave person that offers their business predictions for 2022. If there is one thing the past two years have taught us, it’s that things can transform overnight. The simple truth for senior executives and Boards is that agility is key, whether that’s about supply chains, business models or innovating in response to the climate crisis. (read more)

The New Landscape for Talent

The way we work is fundamentally changing, and organisations need to adapt their talent strategies to remain competitive as employers. Leaders must identify where they can improve by understanding the new needs of a distributed workforce, linking remuneration with fairness and re-examining productivity for a hybrid world. (read more)

Transforming for Long-Term Success

What customers want is changing, and organisations are having to rethink both their strategy and structure to deliver on this. At the same time, there is increasing pressure on costs. CFOs can face up to this challenge by promoting a stakeholder-led business model, leading on tech and creating the business case for a stronger, smarter finance function that can support this transformation. (read more)