An opportunity to address both team and individual executive development in one solution, as well as respond to the changing needs of your business.

Criticaleye's Corporate Membership package offers organisations collective access to the peer to peer Board Community. Bespoke individual development plans via a dedicated Relationship Manager and an Account Manager sit alongside strategic input on behalf of the collective group. Highly flexible with the opportunity to swap executives in and out, Criticaleye Corporate Membership is tightly managed with regular reporting on objectives and progress.

By working with a number of executives across your business, but not necessarily within the same divisions, Criticaleye can identify and highlight areas of mutual challenge and foster greater collaboration, alignment and trust between executives.

Exposure of Corporate Members to senior executives and non-executives from outside their immediate networks and industries aims to broaden perspectives and drive more strategic debate amongst leadership.

  • How can we address both individual and team leadership capabilities?

  • What's the most effective way of exposing our senior executives to external expertise, and the reference points they need to be successful?

  • Where can we find a leadership development solution which adapts to the changing needs of our business?

  • What's the best way to gain insight into issues which are holding our executives back from achieving their full potential?

  • How can we help our senior people anticipate trends, identify threats and spot opportunities for innovation?

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  • Leaders looking outside the business - In this video, we ask leaders in our global Community about why it's vital to look outside of their organisations. Featuring comment from Bill Payne, Non-executive Chair, Atento, Gary Kildare, Non-executive Director, Defence Infrastructure Organisation, Karen McKeever, Chief People Office, Drax Group plc, Genevieve Glover, HR Director, Barchester Healthcare and David Guise, Senior Advisor, Newton Europe.

  • Leadership Blueprint
  • Case Study - Pop-up Board

"Today’s environment is characterised by change and disruption, so we needed a leadership development solution which could adapt and be flexible. Corporate Membership not only helped us drive the leadership capabilities of individual executives, but also a culture of collaboration and alignment across teams."

HR Director