Re-Focus Your Talent Lens: Abundance Awaits

The importance of accessing highly skilled talent is amplified as companies navigate intensifying disruptions on a global scale. “There is no business strategy without talent strategy,” according to Criticaleye Partner Accenture. This report investigates how organisations can shift their talent lens from short-term scarcity to long-term abundance and create a more culturally diverse, locally inclusive workforce that enables these businesses to win in new growth terrains.
Key takeaways include:
  • 30 countries account for 91 percent (437 million people) of the world’s highly skilled talent. 62 percent of these workers predominantly live outside of the Global North in APAC, Africa and LATAM and the number of highly skilled workers in these regions is projected to grow to 67 percent, adding 169 million workers by 2030.
  • Research shows that multinational companies struggle to employ and retain highly skilled workers. However, nearly half of highly skilled workers in local companies want to switch to working at a multinational company within the next three years, particularly those aged between 18-23 (67 percent).
  • This report identifies three strategic levers to attract and deploy highly skilled talent across Asia Pacific, Africa and Latin America. Firstly to rescale and reallocate, secondly, get in early and lastly, re-task work.

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