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Creating a Customer-Centric Business

It is ever more important for companies to stay focused on the customer in everything they do. In this report, Criticaleye's CEO Retreat 2022 Partner, Eton Bridge Partners, highlights the importance of using data and customer-centric thinking at all stages of the value chain.
Key takeaways include:
  • Diverse background, expertise, education and career, both locally and internationally, all bring unique ideas to the table, which ultimately creates a more comprehensive understanding of the consumer.
  • Employees are often the best advocates for your product or service. Businesses must build a culture that encourages their staff to critique their own product, to drive a greater understanding of user and consumer sentiment.
  • Companies should review and decide what data to share and with whom. Giving staff wider visibility and access to data and trends can help bring the value chain to life and drive customer-centricity.

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Johan Wahlström
Eton Bridge Partners

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Johan Wahlström
Eton Bridge Partners

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