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Learning to Embrace Your Imposter

It’s unsurprising that many senior leaders succumb to imposter syndrome, particularly when under increasing pressure. Community Members share with Dylan Totton how they have led with conviction despite moments of self-doubt.

Featuring commentary from:

Matthew Blagg, CEO, Criticaleye: Imposter syndrome has always been an issue, but with higher expectations being placed on CEOs by society, the media and other stakeholders, the pressure has increased.

Louise Britnell, CFO, The Co-operative Bank: To get the best out of our people, we think we should talk about [imposter syndrome] and provide support before they even feel the need to ask for it.

Olivia Sharp, Partner, Executive Search, Human Resources, Eton Bridge Partners: I spend a lot of my time trying to help people frame their job search in a more positive way. It is about trying to shift the mindsets of people.

Rita Clifton, Deputy Chair, John Lewis Partnership & Board Mentor, Criticaleye: Imposter feelings, such as insecurity and concern about whether you're good enough, can actually be a useful prompt to stretch yourself more and progress in your working life. Community articles are produced directly by and for the Criticaleye Community.

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Dylan Totton
Content Executive

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