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Striving for a Future-Ready Business

Creating a ‘future-ready business’ is a vast challenge, and leaders must ensure their businesses remain relevant when undergoing significant change. In this report, Criticaleye’s CEO Retreat 2022 Partner, Cognizant, partnered with Economist Impact to present a holistic view of how leaders are preparing for long-term success and thriving in this new post-pandemic world.
Key highlights include:
  • Leaders need to determine which strategic priorities to focus on, from institutional and governance capabilities to strategic and operational targets, in order to deliver the better outcomes.
  • Adopting technology is easy. However, the disconnect between technology adoption and available talent will widen if left unchecked, leading to disappointments with the value equation. 
  • The right interplay of technology-enabled capabilities and people-driven skills will enable leaders to build the intuitive business model needed to compete in a volatile world.

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