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Going Glocal as a Regional Leader

Successful organisations are empowering their regional teams to innovate and then rapidly scale new products and ways of working globally. Community Members discuss the value of a glocal business model, with Anisha Tansley.

Featuring commentary from:

Sylvia Burbery, Regional President, Emerging & Seeds, Royal Canin: If you're not clear, you just end up with a lot of energy wasted on internal tensions over who's responsible for what.

Holly Carmichael, Head of Research & Market Development, APAC, Criticaleye: Sticking rigidly to centrally designed products, distribution channels and ways of working, may damage opportunities for sustainable growth in new markets.

David Comeau, Senior Venture Partner, KEEN Growth Capital & Board Mentor, Criticaleye: The biggest challenge in optimising a ‘glocal’ model is leadership – driving high-performance teams in this model requires humble and servant leadership.

Keith Lawson, SVP & GM, Asia Pacific and Middle East, Jacobs: As long as you have the right kind of governance framework and structure in place, it really has the ability to drive better outcomes and growth locally. 

Oanh Phuong, Head of Global Customer Care Centre, HP: The local teams are the ones that understand the environment, the customer orientation, the climate and then how the product is being used.
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Anisha Tansley
Content Executive

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