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CPO Pathways Report

Over the last two years, the People function has come under intense scrutiny. HR practitioners have had to adapt and respond to the many new challenges presented by the pandemic, Brexit and now the recent events in Ukraine. In this report, Criticaleye’s Advisory Member, Eton Bridge Partners, provide practical insights into the role of Chief People Officer (CPO) so that organisations can make the most informed choices, particularly when developing their senior leadership team.
Key takeaways include:
  • In 2021, 76 percent of CPO positions were held by women, compared to only 17 percent of CFO appointments. This suggests that CPO appointments have become the ‘simple’ way to ease the gender imbalance found in individual boardrooms.
  • Achieving internal promotion to CPO is considerably less likely than an external appointment, as 59 percent of CPO candidates were sourced externally, finds this report.
  • Experience doesn’t exactly equate to age; the average age of new executive positions has been reducing in tandem over the last three years - the average age for a new Chief People Officer in the UK is now 49.

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Olivia Sharp
Partner, Executive Search, Human Resources
Eton Bridge Partners

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