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Building a Future of High Performance

To thrive over the long term, organisations must have the right capabilities and structures in place to enable great decision making. Leaders in the public sector discuss how they have done this, with Dylan Totton.

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Matthew Blagg, CEO, Criticaleye: The past two years have taken uncertainty to the next level, and people have had to react quickly and make decisions at pace.

Susan Gray, Director General, Defence Safety Authority, Royal Air Force: It's giving people the freedom to get on and do their job and take away extraneous activity, whether it's worrying about budgets, recruiting or what our business plan is going to look like. 

Sir John Manzoni, Chair, SSE: You can’t do policy without intellect, but you can’t do delivery without experience, and those two things are so fundamentally different. 

Andy Start, CEO, Capita Public Service, Capita: We've got to think about what happens if we get radical, agile and seize the collaboration that we've learned [to do] over the last couple of years.
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Dylan Totton
Content Executive

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