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The Role of the HRD in Strategic Alignment

Strong strategic debate at the top table is crucial and, without it, misalignment can occur. Business leaders tell Emma Carroll how the HRD can help get those conversations back on track.

Featuring commentary from:
Tea Colaianni, SID, Watches of Switzerland Group & Board Mentor, Criticaleye: Find your voice and use your voice; stand up and speak up for what you believe is the right thing to do for your business.
Ailsa Firth, HR Director, Arval UK: If there are tensions, then to build trust, you must create opportunities to give feedback. That's tough, and when it's virtual, you have to work harder.
Chris Jones, UKI HR Strategy & Consulting Lead, Accenture: People are more productive when they understand and believe in what they are working towards – they become engaged and connected to a unifying purpose.
Nichole Viviani, Chief People & Marketing Officer, Xplor: It’s easy to go away and agree things, but then you must ask: Are we keeping those things at the top of the agenda?
Jamie Wilson, Managing Director, Group Services, Criticaleye: The best senior leadership teams challenge the operating model, strategy and each other robustly, but ultimately, they emerge from the boardroom united.

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Emma Carroll
Managing Editor

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