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Fjord Trends 2022

Last year, people and businesses had to chart new territories as the shock of the pandemic started to subside. Today, an era of post-traumatic growth has taken shape, which promises a shift in people’s lifestyles. In this report, Advisory Member, Accenture, discusses what to expect this year.
The dominant theme this year will be the great change in all relationships – with colleagues, brands, society, places and those we care about – and the increasing impact we have on the planet.
Key takeaways include:
  • A study found that 71 percent of executives believed 2020 was their most stressful work year, while 53 percent reported struggling with their mental health at work.
  • In total, 76 percent of employees thought their employers should take more responsibility for workplace mental wellbeing.
  • Of the world’s population, 15 percent have some form of disability – 1.2 billion people. Despite a sharp increase in the adoption of telemedicine in 2020, many health-related digital experiences remain inaccessible.

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