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A Guide to Modernising Talent Management in the Hybrid-Work Era

Well over a year after the COVID-19 lockdowns, a geographically distributed workforce is now the new normal. This report from Criticaleye partner, Cognizant, covers three key aspects of an updated strategy to attract top talent by supporting employees who wish to work outside of the traditional office setting.
Key takeaways include:
  • The “how”: Draft the new rules of engagement. Leaders need to work with their teams to develop and document expectations for how employees show up and complete work – from professionalism to meeting hygiene.
  • The “what”: Redesign work to fit ‘Remotopia’. Using cross-hierarchy task forces, businesses should leverage a new model for understanding knowledge work activities and developing a work location strategy.
  • The “who”: Optimise the return on hiring. Organisations can then use the new rules of engagement and work redesign to set up employees for success in ‘Remotopia’.

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