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The Next Stage of Digital Evolution

When investing for the future, businesses must ensure they are using technology in a way that helps them achieve their organisational purpose. Leaders tell Emma Carroll how they are doing this by upskilling the workforce and building partnerships.

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Matthew Blagg, CEO, Criticaleye: You need to pull external thinking into your organisation, whether it is through building partnerships, learning from experts or benchmarking with your peers.

Alistair Phillips-Davies, CEO, SSE: It's important the Board feels [it] can go out and touch and feel an organisation. Virtual works transactionally but it isn’t as good for getting those personal relationships.

Karen Reddington, Regional President, FedEx Express, Europe: Make sure you’re not just following the latest trend, because a lot of words like digitisation and AI get thrown about.

Gráinne Watson, Digital CoE Director, Capita plc: Everything you do should be leading towards your vision, so it’s about assessing that and then asking what technology can help you achieve it. Community articles are produced directly by and for the Criticaleye Community.

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Emma Carroll
Managing Editor

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