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Pivot to Value with Living Systems

A gap between investment and value: Technology is everywhere but value is not. That’s what companies across industries have discovered as they’ve invested in new technologies. They just aren’t getting the return on investment they expected.

In this report, Accenture investigates why and presents a pathway to putting technology innovation at the heart of every company. 

1) Reimagine a growth strategy powered by technology: The focus here is on exploring how technology can make the business strategy a reality and identifying greenfield opportunities in products, services and competitive positions.

2) Realign the organisation to put technology at the heart of every business: Restructure your IT department from horizontal to vertical to be 'product aligned' where you can focus on business value, measured by business KPIs. 

3) Adopt new practices for agility and experimentation: Companies should take steps to make sure the cycle of innovation is continuous through modern engineering capabilities.

4) Create a flexible technology core for sustainable change: This provides a secure cloud architecture that is resilient and adaptive to accelerate innovation, data-driven analytics, sustainability and business value.

5) Empower people to innovate with technology: With Living Systems, leaders believe in a “human + machine” approach, where humans and technology bring out the best in each other and improve workforce efficiency.

Read Zahra Bahrololoumi's Accenture Technology UKI perspective for the CBI on how 'COVID-19 is accelerating technology's necessary shift from value to values.' Zahra leads on our Annual Tech Vision Masterclass for Members - see the 2020 Tech Vision trends here

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