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Leadership in Uncertain Times - Episode 4

Following our recent CFO Retreat (held on 12 November 2020), Criticaleye's CEO, Matthew Blagg, and Director of Content, Marc Barber, reflect on some of the key themes, in this 28-minute podcast. 

  • How finance leaders can remain resilient, the balance between cost-cutting and investment, data, talent and digitisation, plus much more
  • In a poll taken at the Retreat, 84% said they see the current economic situation as an opportunity to accelerate operating model change
  • The role of the CFO, and how this plays out when operating in a complex and fast changing market
  • The CFO as ‘timekeeper of the current moment’ alongside the need to play an integral role in strategy and future innovation
  • What the end of 2020 will bring in terms of future planning, what opportunities there are for 2021, as well as ongoing challenges that we will see into the New Year.

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