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People Profession Survey 2020

Even before COVID-19, it was widely acknowledged that the world of work is in a state of flux. Several key trends are considered to be influencing organisations, from improvements in technology and ever-increasing connectedness to increasing workforce diversity. These trends are shaping the environment in which organisations operate to different extents, and therefore where people professionals lead and practise.

The CIPD’s People Profession survey, in association with Workday, explores perceptions and experiences of people professionals who work in HR, organisational development (OD) and design, and learning and development (L&D). 

Key Findings :
  • People professionals find meaning from their practice 
  • People analytics and data skills are in high demand, but skills are lacking across the profession
  • There is a tension between operational efficiency and strategic delivery
  • Calls from business leaders to uphold the profession’s reputation
  • Influencing trends shift the focus for people professionals
This report discusses the specific findings in depth, and what this means in practice for people professionals, throughout.

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