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Making the World a Safer Place One Click at a Time

The world’s population is in lockdown with more of us working from home than ever before. Many cybercriminals are seeing this as an opportunity to attack us and they are using the weakest link as a route into systems: our people. This insight from Capita Consulting looks at the preventative measures businesses can take.
Cybercrime costs businesses and the Government £267 billion per year in the UK alone. According to the World Economic Forum, the average cost of a security breach to a financial institution is $5.3 million and to a media company that average is $4.3 million. 
Enterprises haven’t deployed the right technologies or corporate security policies to ensure that all corporate-owned or corporate-managed devices have the same security protections, regardless of whether they’re connected to an enterprise network or an open home WiFi network.
Preventative measures discussed in this article include:  
  • Being clear on how much risk you are prepared to accept
  • Keeping your policies simple
  • Investing in the right kit

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Mark Roberts
Partner, Defense & Cyber
Capita Consulting

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