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Combatting the Fear to Challenge

Boardroom culture, human frailty and not knowing how to argue constructively are common root causes of a lack of debate at the top table. Emma Carroll speaks to leading NEDs to discover how they are encouraging a more courageous approach.

Featuring Commentary From:

Jamie Pike, Chair, Spirax-Sarco Engineering and Board Mentor, Criticaleye
"Ultimately, Boards exist to see that the business has a rational strategy and a team that can implement it effectively."
Tania Howarth, Non-executive Chair, Ozo Innovations and Technology Advisory Board Member, RBS
"Leadership style and the shadow it casts have a significant impact on management’s willingness to speak openly and challenge."
Phil Smith, Chair, Innovate UK and Board Mentor, Criticaleye
"As a leader, I prefer to be open about the way I do things, and I want people to feel extremely comfortable expressing their opinions."
Tom Beedham, Director – NEDs and Board Mentors, Criticaleye
"Execs other than the CEO need the confidence and opportunity to be heard, and the Chair should facilitate this."

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Emma Carroll
Managing Editor

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