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Antenna: Artificial Intelligence

In this series of reports, Brewin Dolphin focuses on the major global trends that are shaping the world around us:
Technology greatly impacts our lives at home, work and within society in general but, according to this report by Brewin Dolphin, not all companies are up to speed when it comes to AI.

Included in this report:
  • Fear of AI: The fear is that AI aims to create machines that can perform any cognitive task a human can, but in reality it should enhance what we can achieve and allow us to concentrate on the more human skills.
  • Capital gains: Forecasters find it difficult to determine whether this will result in a big increase in unemployment or the creation of a huge number of new roles.
  • Ethics: The great ethical questions people are asking about AI are actually questions about humanity and our society  – AI is simply forcing society to confront these questions.
  • Close to home: As it steps up to the next level, AI will not just advise us (through technologies such as Siri or Alexa), but will start to take decisions on our behalf.

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Guy Foster
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Brewin Dolphin

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