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Legal Update: Influencing The Influencers

Considering the UK's recent efforts to fortify consumer protections in the context of social media marketing, this report by Bird & Bird looks at how the Singapore Guidelines hold up against their UK counterpart, and what can be done to improve them.

Key points include:
  • The Singapore Guidelines, while comprehensive as an ethical code, may not constitute a complete and easily digestible guide for influencers on the boundaries and obligations associated with social media advertising.
  • A significant distinction between the two is that Singapore's regulations are part of the industry rules on advertising, while in the UK, it is a collation of the pre-existing industry rules and laws that are applicable to social media marketing.
  • Unlike in the UK, the Singapore Guidelines provide influencers with greater autonomy in how to disclose sponsored content, and it is worth considering whether they ought to be tightened in this respect.
  • Further thought should be given to making the Singapore Guidelines and the SCAP legally binding, and to give it the force of legislation.

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