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The Human-Machine Workforce

At Criticaleye’s CEO Retreat 2018, senior business leaders discussed how new technology can be implemented in a way that augments the capabilities of existing employees, rather than replace them entirely

Features Commentary From: 

Alan Cook, Chairman, Liverpool Victoria

"We will need to work out how to exploit technology in a way that will give us a competitive advantage"

Phillippa Crookes, Senior Relationship Manager, Criticaleye

“The new wave of tech presents a unique opportunity for chief executives to completely rethink the capabilities of their people" 

Michael Lewis, CEO, E.ON UK

"Because automation should enhance and support human abilities, the value of our colleagues will be in providing empathy and creativity"

Payal Vasudeva, MD, Accenture Strategy

"The future workforce is going to be a human/ machine workforce"

To find out more about the 2019 CEO Retreat, please contact Tori Kavanagh, Events Manager, Criticaleye

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