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Creating an Authentic Workplace

The bedrock of an authentic workplace is open dialogue that encourages people to be their true selves. Payal Vasudeva, Executive Sponsor of Human Capital and Diversify at Accenture, explains why such dialogue is the building-block of an authentic culture and is also good for business.
Key points include:
  • An authentic workplace forges better human connections. Yet to make these connections as meaningful as possible, self-awareness is very important.
  • Not everyone feels comfortable sharing their personal experiences at work and that’s fine. But as human beings, we are inspired by connection and meaningful interaction with others.
  • In an authentic workplace, individual differences are embraced and celebrated, everyone’s views are valued, and everyone is included in the conversation.
  • Authenticity is good for people and organisations – and it begins with breaking down some of the workplace barriers and encouraging honest dialogue. Micro actions effect macro change in the culture.

Payal Vasudeva, Managing Director, Accenture Strategy

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Payal Vasudeva
Human Capital Partner

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