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Business Transformation Survey 2018

The demands of customers and the speed of the tech revolution mean that companies need to adapt quickly if they want to survive. This survey, from BIE, examines the nature of transformation programmes.

Key points include:
  • An overwhelming 80 per cent of respondents said their company was going through a business transformation of some nature.
  • The survey found that removing duplication and creating efficiencies (58 per cent), and cost reduction (43 per cent) were the most common drivers of business transformation programmes.
  • ERP and systems implementations (39 per cent), cost out initiatives (38 per cent), global standardisation of processes (36 per cent) and creating shared service centres (35 per cent), were the top types of business transformation programmes.
  • Combined together these results indicate that a majority of business transformation programmes prioritise cash savings and cash generation, over business growth and customer satisfaction.

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