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The CFO as an Enabler

Patrick Butcher, Group CFO of Go-Ahead Group, has come to see his role as that of an enabler of success. At Criticaleye’s recent CFO Retreat, Patrick recounted the leadership journey he has been on, including his own “Damascene moment.”

Key points:
  • A CEO and CFO need shared goals and values
  • An unclear strategy leads to a dysfunctional workplace
  • CFOs add most value by asking the right questions and supporting others
  • Informal interactions are important and time needs to be set aside for them
  • A good CFO is a storyteller
  • CFOs need to carve out thinking time
This article also includes tips on changing your leadership style from Ruth Cairnie.

Patrick Butcher, Group CFO, Go-Ahead Group
Ruth Cairnie, Board Mentor, Criticaleye

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Emma Carroll
Managing Editor

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