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5 Traits of a Bad Leader

Emotional reactions and a lack of personal insight can undermine all of the hard work executives put into building relationships. Here, a range of leaders reveal the traits they’ve seen can let others down
  • Bill Caplan, Criticaleye Board Mentor and Chairman of Weldex International and CSH Surrey discusess why it's important not to be too controlling 
  • Romana Abdin, CEO at Simplyhealth warns not to assume you have all the answers
  • Michelle Scrimgeour, Chief Risk Officer, M&G Investments highlights the pitfalls of tunnel vision
  • John Allbrook, Criticaleye Board Mentor and Chairman at Franchise Finance and Cellesce tells us why we shouldn't shy away from tough calls
  • Charlie Wagstaff, Managing Director at Criticaleye discusses the need for authenticity and honesty. 
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Dawn Murden
Editor, Advisory

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