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First-Time CEOs - The Advice No-One Ever Gives You

Moving into the corner office is something to which many aspire but, in reality, there is little anyone can do to prepare to be a CEO. It is not something that can be taught in school. Even a mentor can only give you certain insight into the role.

To lend a hand to those about to take the top job, Criticaleye asked a number of the current and former CEOs in the Community to impart the advice that they wish they had received when they first took on the role.

This article features commentary from:

Alan Parker, Former CEO, Whitbread plc
Brendan Hynes, CEO, Nichols plc
Darryl Eales, CEO, Lloyds Development Capital
David Wild, CEO, Halfords plc
Deanna Oppenheimer, CEO, Barclays Retail UK
Helen Alexander, President, CBI
Jon Slatkin, Former CEO, Titan Outdoor
Martin Balaam, MD - BT Engage IT, BT Group plc
Paul Barron, Former CEO, NATS
Paul Drechsler, Chairman & Chief Executive, Wates Group Ltd
Peter Horrocks, Director, BBC Global News and World Service
Richard Laing, CEO, CDC Group plc
Rob Woodward, CEO, stv Group plc
Sir Brian Bender, Associate, Criticaleye
Steve Easterbrook, Former CEO, McDonalds UK
Tim Matthews, CEO, Remploy
Community articles are produced directly by and for the Criticaleye Community.

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