Sexism in the City

Having a supportive workplace culture, with fair equality of opportunity throughout, is a focus for every business leader today. However, a Parliamentary Committee investigating sexism in the workplace has been calling for evidence from the financial services industry, with the suggestion that the industry hasn't experienced cultural progression since their previous inquiry in 2018. In doing so, this has served as a wakeup call for business leaders across all industries, demonstrating that toxicity of all kinds can survive - even in the strongest of cultures. This report by DWF outlines the scope of the inquiry, why it matters to business leaders and how they can learn from the inquiry's findings.

Key takeaways include:
  • The importance of having an inclusive workplace culture.
  • The inquiry focuses on whether women feel more supported in the financial services industry than they did in 2018, and if there's been progression in removing barriers to women entering and advancing within the industry.
  • Why this matters to all business leaders – regardless of their industry – and how leaders can foster a healthy and inclusive workplace culture.

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