HR Director Research Results 2023

This research, conducted at our HRD Retreat, provides a fascinating insight into the challenges HR leaders are facing around the people agenda, key priorities and managing a multitude of stakeholders.

Key findings from Criticaleye's HR Director Research:
  • The CEO is the HRD’s most challenging internal stakeholder
  • 40% report the management team is tactical
  • Investment in new technology is the biggest change in organisations
  • 90% agree mentoring improves the performance of senior executives
  • 60% say management teams are too inward-looking
  • Building alignment in the leadership team is where HRDs need to improve
Click here for a video about why retaining talent is a top priority for leaders. Featuring comment from Robert Parker, Vice President, Finance & CFO APAC, IBM, Kerrigan Procter, President, Asia Pacific, Legal & General, Lance Little, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Roche Diagnostics, Julia Tyson, Non-executive Director, Uni VocTech Trust, Mui Hoon Poh, Board Mentor, Criticaleye, Stephen Harrison, CEO, Forterra plc and Reece Donovan, CEO, Iomart plc.

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