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Bernie Waldron

Board Mentor


Bernie is an international leader and experienced mentor with 10 years of non-executive board experience and 25 years of executive and management experience, spanning private equity, UK Plc and global blue-chip corporates.

He is Non-Executive Chairman of a number of companies. These currently include Questionmark, an assessment management software business and; Oaktree, a leading provider of SaaS solutions to UK and international schools. Bernie has sat on the board of more than 10 growth companies over the last decade.

During his executive career, Bernie worked in Copenhagen as Executive Chairman of the Maersk Data Group, which had a group of 4,000 employees across 30 companies.

Prior to that he ran IBM's Industrial Sector division for Europe, Middle East and Africa. In the late 1990s, at the height of the tech stock boom, Bernie was Director of Corporate Strategy based at IBM's global New York headquarters.

Bernie has an MA in Mathematics from Churchill College, Cambridge. He is married with three teenage sons and is enthusiastically involved in most sports, where possible as a participant, but increasingly as a spectator.