How to be an Effective HRD

Many of the big issues debated in boardrooms around the globe are inextricably linked to the people agenda. It’s why CEOs and NEDs are looking towards the HRD to support them in addressing the challenges they face relating to organisational design, culture and the implementation of disruptive technology. (read more)

The People Side of Private Equity

Private equity investors are increasingly sophisticated in how they view leadership capability beyond the immediate executive team. If the tier of managers below can step-up and deliver results after an exit, it improves a business’ durability, making it an attractive target for potential buyers. (read more)

Nurturing Your Business as a CFO

Pressure to meet targets is frequently blamed for short-term thinking among senior executives. CFOs need to be the first line of defence in combatting this. They must be resilient, adopt a wider remit and nurture more sustainable businesses. (read more)

What Makes a Great NED?

A high-quality non-executive director will know what’s right for a business and its stakeholders. They’ll provide support and guidance for the executive team, sharing experiences and insights, but they will also possess the strength of character and integrity to challenge when necessary. (read more)