Riding the Growth Wave in Asia

Economic momentum may have slowed down, but Asia continues to be the dominant force in driving global growth. The difficulty for leaders is to position their businesses in ways that overcome the current inflationary – or, in China’s case, deflationary – cost pressures at play to emerge strongly when the recovery begins. (read more)

The Mindset of the CHRO

Gone are the days of the CHRO as simply the keeper of personnel files and payroll. Today's CHRO is a strategic powerhouse, a trusted advisor to the C-suite and a champion for the entire organisation. This transformation reflects the evolving needs of businesses in a competitive and ever-changing landscape. (read more)

Growth in a High-octane Landscape

By now, the disruptive forces at play in the current environment are well documented. High interest rates, geopolitical volatility and rapid technological advancement are just three examples of areas occupying the minds of growth company leaders when it comes to decisions around strategy, growth and investment. (read more)

Data-driven HR

Many corporations find themselves trapped in a bygone era. Their functionally and geographically siloed structures, characterised by hierarchies and inflexibility, struggle to compete with the agility of new entrants. These newcomers often focus on solving specific problems with laser-like precision, leveraging the power of data and AI to personalise customer engagement. (read more)