The Digitisation Challenge

The need for organisations to develop and adopt new technology has been accelerated by the pandemic. With digital opportunities and customer demands combining to drive mass disruption, businesses must prepare for the future by reviewing their value chains and reskilling their people. (read more)

5 Crunch Points in Your Recovery

Recovery from the impact of COVID-19 will not be a linear return to growth. Much like the medical picture, the business scenario is likely to be one of fits and starts. Leaders need to avoid the biggest stumbling blocks by redoubling efforts to keep their people motivated, seizing opportunities for collaboration and targeting growth. (read more)

Bring on the Creative Disruption

Tech and data analytics have not only boosted the insight businesses can gain into their customers but have also raised the bar in terms of what those consumers now expect in return. The media and entertainment industry is a perfect example of this, where both agile new entrants and competition from adjacent industries have driven mass disruption over recent years. (read more)

Staycation Podcast Favourites

The holiday season is upon us and although it might not be the getaway we’d all hoped for, it's still an opportunity to kick back, relax and dive into a good book. Or better still, stick the headphones on and chill out beside the paddling pool. (read more)