Moving to New Styles of Leadership

The current crisis has shown what is possible when organisations are forced to make big decisions quickly. Along with more strategic challenges, such as pivoting business models, they have had to revisit their softer skills and ask themselves whether they have a leadership style that is fit for the future. (read more)

Derisking Your Supply Chain

The struggle to keep nations fed, health workers protected and the newly-remote workforce equipped with the right tech, has exposed weaknesses in global supply chains. As the dust settles, executives need to preserve any hard-fought-for agility and understand what fresh procurement challenges the recovery phase will throw at them. (read more)

A Time for New Operating Models

A fundamental reappraisal of operating models is underway. CEOs and senior executives are having to look at their customers and employees and think about digitisation, supply chains, skills and reskiling, all while moving faster and retaining a strong sense of purpose. (read more)

Galvanising Your Stakeholders as CEO

COVID-19 is the black swan event that has rendered myriad algorithms on human behaviour irrelevant. As we head into recession, the pressure is building on CEOs and senior executives to understand how customer and employee expectations have changed. At the same time, investors and shareholders want answers on future business performance. (read more)