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Five Tips on Recovery and Growth

At this year’s Virtual CFO Retreat, a picture emerged of organisations under cost pressure, frequently shifting targets and a changing workforce. At the same time, there was a sense of excitement from senior executives about how to be more competitive through greater agility and faster decision-making, often underpinned by digitisation. (read more)
Shaping the Board for the Future

In this fast-moving, tech-driven age, Boards must ensure they and the wider business are prepared for the future. Today, that means looking beyond the immediate and pressing concerns to envision what a post-pandemic business landscape might look like. (read more)
The Impact of Purpose on Strategy

Businesses will be remembered for how they treat their employees and customers during these turbulent times. As Till Dudler of Accenture puts it: “The next few years will separate those organisations that are being authentic and making purpose an operational reality from those that aren’t being sincere.” (read more)
Making Your Business More Resilient

Strength in depth is an oft-quoted maxim for successful sports teams. It could equally be applied to organisations as they face the curve balls of an uncertain future. With the prospect of potential restructurings ahead, leaders must ensure their senior team is firmly aligned and that their organisation’s communications and culture are deep rooted and robust. (read more)