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Liberating Decision Making

A beachwear trend spawned by the latest reality TV show; your competitor’s surprise launch of a game-changing app; a customer complaint gaining 3am-traction on social media – in today’s 24-7 market, businesses need to respond quickly. So, how do you create agile structures and mindsets to make it happen? (read more)
Tips on How to Lead a Global Team

Say it in hushed tones, but many senior leaders are somewhat lacking in the people skills department. They’ll certainly be smart and have no shortage of ambition. They’ll even possess excellent networking abilities and be able to tell amusing stories, but none of that equates to understanding what makes others tick. (read more)
Top Priorities for Business Leaders

Technology and the workforce continue to dominate the minds of senior executives. This is reflected in the research conducted at Criticaleye’s CEO Retreat 2019, in which the top five priorities identified are retaining key talent and developing skills, digital disruption, improved performance management, cost reduction and rebuilding the leadership team. (read more)
Bringing Purpose to Life

There is something vaguely unsettling about the debate on ‘purpose’ as it’s so blindingly obvious that focusing solely on profit and shareholder return is not good enough. In an age where the value of a company can exceed what most countries are worth, it figures that decision-makers need to pay some attention to the wider impact their organisations have on people’s lives. (read more)