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Five Ways to Break Down Silos

Leaders of large organisations know that to move fast they need flat structures and strong internal collaboration between divisions. Instead, what they are frequently faced with is a hot mess of heavily-siloed units, competing priorities and multiple technology platforms. (read more)
Bringing Strategic Thinking to the Top Team

Almost every Board-level director will say that they put time aside to discuss strategy. What’s rarely mentioned is the quality and usefulness of those discussions. Do they get to the heart of the issues that will determine an organisation’s long-term success? (read more)
The Curse of the Established Company

Businesses that ignore early indicators of disruption are setting themselves up to fail. Hunkering down isn’t the answer either. Leaders must build structures and teams to help them respond, along with their own plan to shake up the market. (read more)
Making the Most of Your Mentor

Mentoring has proven invaluable to many executives and their businesses, but the relationship requires investment. Mentees must be clear about what they want to gain, welcoming of challenge and willing to reflect in order to move up to the next level. (read more)