How I Changed My Leadership Style

Guiding colleagues and situations is not a one-size fits all game; leadership styles must evolve to suit the environment and people within them. As such, a good leader will be responsive, adaptive and open to feedback, all of which takes excellent emotional intelligence. (read more)

A Bird's-Eye View on Innovation

Managing risk and allowing innovation to flourish are two sides of the same coin. Today’s board directors must understand the value of both and create an environment that rewards them appropriately. (read more)

How to Influence as a Senior Executive

You don’t have to be a CEO to implement change, but how do you do it without direct control? In order to convince colleagues on the best route forward, senior executives must master the art of influence. (read more)

Bridging the Productivity Gap

UK-based businesses are trying to make lemonade from a mix of uncomfortably tart ingredients. While companies are typically employing more people on higher wages, those additional labour costs are not translating into greater productivity. (read more)