3 Ways to Engage Your Employees

In many respects, discussing employee engagement can be to state the blindingly obvious. After all, CEOs shouldn't really have to be told that they need to talk to their staff and be able to listen. Perhaps this continues to be such a hot topic because too many leaders allowed themselves to become estranged from their employees and now it’s a case of getting back to basics. (read more)

CEOs & Chairmen: The Missing Piece

Mad as it may seem, a CEO once felt the need to hire a private investigator to follow the company chairman’s every move, such was the breakdown in their relationship. It shows how the dynamic between CEO and Chairman, like any relationship, can go catastrophically wrong and why every effort has to be made to ensure that both parties are in agreement about what’s best for the business. (read more)

Brand Champions on the Board

The stock of the CMO is rising as boards realise that you can’t dismiss ‘brand’ as a buzzword. At a time when loyalty is hard to come by, clued-in directors fully appreciate that a strong and trusted brand is the difference between those organisations which have a bond with their customers, shareholders and employees, and those that are marginalised and mired in an identity crisis. (read more)

5 Key Challenges for CEOs

The insecurity of the CEO is rarely discussed. To the outside world, the leader of a business will be able to find inspiration when ideas seem thin on the ground, effortlessly demonstrating that they have it all under control when talking to customers, shareholders, employees and the media. It’s something of a conjurer’s trick, concealing their own entirely natural questions and concerns about strategy, people and what the future holds. (read more)