Who Owns the Customer Relationship?

The ‘multichannel challenge’ demands that businesses are as ruthless in their customer focus as they are obsessive about using information in a way that outsmarts the competition. Achieving this is a source of anxiety for executives in the UK and beyond as the sheer pace of innovation means that market leading positions can be blown out of the water at any time. (read more)

Why the US Still Packs a Punch

For all the long-term potential of the emerging markets, it’s easy to forget that the US has a mighty $15 trillion economy tailor-made for the express purpose of doing business. So if you’re serious about competing with the best globally, chances are the so-called 'land of opportunity' is either a core part of your operations already or, for younger businesses looking to scale the heights, it certainly ought to be. (read more)

The Smart Money in Private Equity

If you bring private equity investors into your business, the contract you’re entering demands sustained high performance and good returns. Given that anything else will be deemed a failure, it’s surprising how many management teams accept PE backing without understanding how these investors operate and whether they are the right partner for delivering success. (read more)

Joined-Up Thinking in China

A joint venture can often be the best way to crack the tough nut that is China. Such partnerships allow you to leapfrog the dangers of being an unknown challenger in an aggressive, highly competitive environment. But for all of the perceived benefits, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into and have a clear idea of what constitutes success. (read more)