Wake-Up Call for Web 2.0

As fantastic as it may seem, web-based companies may finally be growing up. While there will always be a time and a place for entrepreneurial bullishness, it has become clear that a story will only get you so far. The name of the game is now profitable growth. (read more)

A Formula for Success

Ask a CEO or chairman about a standout decision and nine times out of ten they'll tell you about hiring someone who made a tangible difference to the business. It makes perfect sense, given that winning strategies will be nothing but hot air if the people on the ground are unable to make it happen. (read more)

Pay for Performance

During the past decade, the earnings of FTSE 350 directors more than doubled. Over that same period, the market value of those companies deteriorated. It’s not a sustainable model and boards in general need to be brave when tackling this issue, pursuing innovative pay policies that recognise and reward genuine performance, not complacency. (read more)

From CEO to Chair in Private Equity

The jump from executive to non-executive in any business requires different skills and a more subtle approach. It’s a move that takes one from the operational controls of the business to influencing decision-making in the boardroom. Chairmen of private equity-backed boards, however, are required to be a little more hands-on, balancing as they must the strategic goals of the financial sponsor with those of the CEO and management team. (read more)