Reflections on the Pandemic

The last year has tested even the most seasoned of leaders, and those that weathered the storm now have valuable lessons to share. The way we work, plan and lead have all changed more than anyone could have predicted, and smart businesses will be asking what will stick and what needs to go. (read more)

No Place to Hide for Boards

The increasingly thunderous volume of stakeholder voices has forced Boards to reassess their corporate purpose and how they can create long-term value. The hard part comes next, as organisations must now deliver on those newly stated ambitions. To do this, they need to put in place metrics that really matter. (read more)

Pushing Boundaries as a CFO

One of the most profound shifts underway in organisations is towards greener business models. CFOs can play an influential role here by putting sustainability at the heart of all commercial decision-making and encouraging their organisations to innovate and push boundaries. (read more)