Bringing Purpose to Life

There is something vaguely unsettling about the debate on ‘purpose’ as it’s so blindingly obvious that focusing solely on profit and shareholder return is not good enough. In an age where the value of a company can exceed what most countries are worth, it figures that decision-makers need to pay some attention to the wider impact their organisations have on people’s lives. (read more)

Truth, Lies and Board Games

When a crisis occurs in a company, the finger of blame is often pointed at the Board. To varying degrees this is justified, as when you dig beneath the surface of a corporate failure you tend to find there were gaps between what the Chair and NEDs thought the execs were doing and reality. (read more)

Keeping Your Competitive Edge

Complacency can creep into any successful senior leadership team. Rather than looking at ways to break new ground and take a business forward, executives start to adopt defensive behaviours and their thinking becomes stale. (read more)

What Next for the Global Economy?

Trade wars, Brexit and heightened tensions between the US and Iran are the smouldering backdrop to today’s trading environment. And while the IMF has labelled global growth as simply “subdued”, it’s clear that a sudden shock could ignite the situation with unpredictable effects. Business leaders must remain calm but be ready to respond. (read more)