How to Manage a Global Team

Diversity is an asset for any business, but leading an international team – together with its spread of cultures, characters and objectives – is a significant challenge for anyone tasked with the job. It requires an insightful balance of operational and interpersonal skills. (read more)

4 Simple Steps to a Healthy Work Life Balance

Most top performers are fuelled by a positive drive to achieve, yet this can easily slip into self-condemnation for not always being on the go, present or hitting perfection. The unsustainable concoction of external expectation, professional pride and company-wide responsibility can throw even the most capable of leaders into an unhealthy imbalance. (read more)

Five Books for Your Summer Reading List

As top executives around the world enjoy a week or two of summer holidays, now is the perfect time to escape the office and become inspired. This week we’re looking at the books that have significantly impacted our members’ careers and leadership styles. (read more)

Partnering for Innovation

Corporates are increasingly looking to accelerate innovation by forming strategic partnerships and alliances with start-ups. Small, agile innovators allow larger organisations to experiment rapidly with changing customer demands, but how can both parties get the best from their union? (read more)

The Board’s Role in Curbing Cyber Crime

There are no magic bullets to prevent cyber crime, as shown by the recent spate of ransomware attacks. The onus is on boards to demonstrate they are reducing risks by implementing robust systems and processes. They must also be pragmatic enough to create a strong critical incident plan in case criminals do find a way through an organisation’s defences. (read more)