The Evolution of the CFO

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) have a big job on their hands. Increased regulation, competition and access to real-time data mean they are expected to be proactive strategic partners. Criticaleye spoke to a number of CFOs about how they are using financial insight to drive the business forward. (read more)

Can a Chairman Mentor the CEO?

A chairman should be able to provide support and guidance to a CEO when necessary. That said, a big question mark hangs over how open the two can be about business challenges given that the chairman’s ultimate responsibility lies with shareholders. (read more)

Books That Made a Difference

As senior business leaders get ready to break out the sun tan lotion for their summer holidays, we take a look at the books that have influenced their leadership styles and careers. From fact to fiction, we’ve asked what they recommend and why. (read more)

How I Led Change

Business transformation is complex and deceptively challenging. Various parties within an organisation will be intent on retaining the status quo, which is why over two-thirds of change programmes are doomed to fail. So how do you go about putting the odds in your favour? (read more)

Listening to Tomorrow's Leaders

The founders of Snapchat and Airbnb were aged 21 and 26 respectively when they launched their companies. This shows when it comes to disrupting a market - or creating entirely new ones - age is merely a number. What are corporates doing to capture the ideas of their outstanding young talent? (read more)