Should NEDs be Paid More?

As the extra responsibility, time commitment and reputational risk continues to reshape the role of a non-executive director, one may question whether it’s time to change how NEDs are remunerated. Should pay be more reflective of the greater workload, or could this lead to a conflict of interest? (read more)

Where do CEOs Turn for Help?

Fractious board dynamics, disgruntled shareholders and poor performance will put enormous pressure on a CEO, especially if they’re new to the role. While solutions may not be easy to come by, it can be difficult for a leader to openly admit they don’t have the answers. That’s where a mentor can make a big difference. (read more)

Responsible Leadership

Corporates continue to spawn mistrust, and while shortfalls and scandals aren’t new, the reaction to them is. The internet and media play a big part – a story can break at speed, damaging both reputation and profit. As such, CEOs and senior executives are expected to lead in a transparent and responsible way. (read more)

The First 72 Hours in a Turnaround

A company in crisis is like a ship with no sails. If tasked with navigating through a turnaround, it’ll take swift, decisive action to steer the company straight. Furthermore, you’ll need good communication with investors, suppliers and other stakeholders in order to chart a course to a secure future. (read more)