CEOs: How to Manage a Crisis

Today’s intense public scrutiny seems to unearth business calamities on a weekly basis, whether they’re leadership gaffes, tales of wrongdoing or a disastrous technical failure. When such a crisis hits and the media demands immediate answers, it’s up to the chief executive to get the details clear, control any panic and secure the long term reputation of the business. (read more)

The Eurozone: What's Your Plan B?

Focus on the world’s fastest growing economies – that’s the message from business leaders on how to deal with Europe’s currency calamity. With Greece remaining mired in debt, and Spain, Italy and Portugal relying on the positive signals coming from the European Central Bank to buy sovereign bonds, the fact is that businesses simply cannot afford to adopt the equivalent of austerity measures if they want to prosper. (read more)

The Business End of Public Policy

The faintest whiff of cronyism between executives and politicians will be swiftly seized upon as the public and media continue to bay for corporate blood. In one sense, that’s only right and proper, but the reality is that business and policymakers have to work together in order to achieve the right outcomes. (read more)

Small Companies Daring to Dream Big

The UK possesses an array of young, innovative businesses with management teams that have refreshingly bold plans for the future. Finding traditional forms of finance to support these ideas and ambitions remains a challenge, which is one of the reasons why companies continue to weigh up the risks and rewards of becoming a publicly-listed entity. (read more)

First Time in the Spotlight

First-time CEOs can bring a fresh and vibrant change of pace to a business, but it is important that their energy and eagerness aren’t misdirected. Before any major changes, there must be patient investigation and meticulous planning from the new leader as they build a strategy that’s realistic for the capabilities of both the business and its people. (read more)