How to Handle a Crisis

As everyone knows, not owning up to a mistake only makes matters worse in the long run. When big businesses try to deflect blame or don’t recognise the gravity of a situation, the damage and fallout can be catastrophic. There are plenty of examples where businesses still don’t get this basic truth, opting instead to insult people’s intelligence with delusory PR and buck passing. (read more)

Managing Entrepreneurial Growth

Entrepreneurs are typically restless beasts, which is why they are suited to the highs and lows of trying to build a successful enterprise. Myriad personal and strategic obstacles must be surmounted and tough decisions made as they strive to turn ambition into reality. (read more)

The Responsible Leader

Social unrest in the UK’s cities and hostility from the general public toward big business and financial institutions give added impetus to CEOs thinking beyond the bottom line. Although the leaders of commercial enterprises should and will be judged by year-end results, it’s no longer enough in itself as those at the helm must have the imagination and desire to show how organisations can be run responsibly and be a force for good. (read more)

A Winning Exit Strategy

At the best of times, a genuinely successful private-equity backed exit requires a blend of skill and luck. Evidently, current market conditions remain far from ideal and that puts additional pressure on management teams, chairmen, advisors and PE firms to be aligned and clear from the outset about the best strategy for a sale. (read more)

London 2012: A Capital Legacy

The excitement is mounting as the London 2012 Olympics draws ever nearer. For businesses, there will be the obvious winners in terms of approved sponsors and partners, but doubts continue to linger about what the Olympics really means for those who aren’t officially part of this sporting jamboree. (read more)