Considerations for being on AIM - 23 August 2010

At 15 years old, the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) is the most successful junior market in the world, having raised £68 billion in that time and boasting a community of over 1,200 companies. Much celebrated in its early years, AIM has, like many other markets, taken a beating throughout the financial crisis. There has been a steep decline in listings since January 2008 when, at its peak, there were 1,700 companies on the market. (read more)

Private Equity Strategies - 18 August 2010

Two years of limited private equity exits have seemingly come to an end with Q2 this year seeing the highest number since Q1 two years ago. Research by Ernst & Young suggests that global exits are trending upwards with nearly twice as many exits over the first quarter of this year than the same period of last year. (read more)

Living the New Normal - 11 August 2010

The financial crisis has brought with it a more constrained business environment. Costs have been cut, theoretically making organisations more efficient. However, there are continued risks from, for example, suppliers that are under strain themselves and the presence of unmotivated, uneasy staff that may be looking for greener pastures (that may or may not exist). (read more)

Executing MBOs - 4 August 2010

The news that Paperchase just completed a £30 million MBO from the Borders Group in the US may be an indicator that the flagging buyout market is at last picking up. According to data from the Centre for Management Buyout Research (CMBOR), the first half of 2010 has seen more buyouts than all of last year with figures already reaching £8.1 billion compared to £5.6 billion for 2009. (read more)