Riveting Reads and Podcasts for the Summer

Summer is here and, with the added bonus of international travel back on the cards (delays and cancellations permitting), senior executives are ready for a holiday. We’ve asked for their top tips and recommendations for books and podcasts to dive into when getting some of that all-important downtime. (read more)

The 4th Dimension of Customer Experience

The dizzying speed at which digital continues to redefine the customer and employee experience can leave a Board gasping. It seems to be getting harder to judge how and where to invest in new technology to give an organisation the necessary edge, and yet decisions have to be taken as the risks that come with being slow-off-the-mark are sizeable. (read more)

Harnessing External Insight as an HRD

When under pressure, businesses risk turning inwards as leaders focus on their operations and try to stop any fires from spreading. HRDs can play a pivotal role at this time by continuing to look outwards for opportunities that will benefit their people and wider stakeholders. (read more)