The Great Acceleration

The changes and developments to improve performance that were already underway in many organisations have been accelerated by the events of 2020. This has given the green light to speedy operational transformation that was previously seen as too high-risk or distracting. (read more)

Is Your Strategy Restart-Ready?

New research from Criticaleye reveals that most CEOs believe their strategy is still very relevant despite the colossal impact of COVID-19. So, do they think recovery means a return to business as usual? Not at all – they are scrutinising their new ecosystems, accelerating the shift to digital and continuing to ask, ‘what if?’ as they put their plans into action. (read more)

Moving to New Styles of Leadership

The current crisis has shown what is possible when organisations are forced to make big decisions quickly. Along with more strategic challenges, such as pivoting business models, they have had to revisit their softer skills and ask themselves whether they have a leadership style that is fit for the future. (read more)