How to be an Effective Chair

A good Chair will provide invaluable support to both the CEO and executive team. Without stepping on toes, they should be able to draw on their own experiences to provide insight and advice, while also having the discipline and expertise to make sure that the organisation operates with integrity. (read more)

Turning Individuals into a Team

For a business to thrive, there needs to be people at the top table who work together to challenge stale ideas and inject fresh concepts into discussions. As a CEO, how do you construct a leadership team that is both effective and experimental? (read more)

Leaders on the Economy in 2018

As we edge past the halfway point of 2018, business leaders continue to grapple with changing customer behaviour, technology disruption, as well as political and economic uncertainty. For boards and senior executives, the only way to navigate this volatility is to build organisations that can respond rapidly as new situations – both good and bad – arise, while also keeping a keen eye on strategy. (read more)

The Role of the Board in Innovation

Governance and innovation may seem anathema to one another and yet boards need to find a way to balance the two when discussing value creation. If NEDs are too cautious, executives can grow frustrated by missed opportunities. On the other hand, if they’re overly gung-ho about new ideas and projects, shareholders will ask some tough questions. (read more)