The Post-Brexit Economic Outlook

In January, The World Bank raised its forecast on UK growth from 1.2 to 1.7 per cent. Despite it being lower than last year’s growth of 1.8 per cent, it reflects increasing confidence in the country’s economic resilience. So, has the impact of Brexit been over-estimated, or are we yet to hit the iceberg? (read more)

Does Your Board Pass the Culture Test?

Uber’s reputation is suffering following reports of a toxic culture at the taxi app company. Travis Kalanick, Co-founder and CEO, took a leave of absence as the board announced measures to rebuild public confidence and promised greater oversight of its executives. (read more)

Is an IPO Right for Your Business?

Financial markets hate uncertainty and yet, for UK businesses, it’s the ‘new normal’. According to Tom Attenborough, Head of International Business Development, Primary Markets at London Stock Exchange (LSE), many are starting to acclimatise to the unknowns. “The idea of sitting and waiting until everything is completely clear two or more years down the line isn’t really an option for many people,” he says. (read more)

What Do Boards Want from HR?

An increasing number of boards realise they need a more sophisticated understanding of the talent agenda. In many cases, this involves redefining their relationship with HR as they seek fact-based insights on leadership development, succession, diversity and culture. (read more)