Winning Back the Customer

It’s easy to invest in technology that collects customer data. The difficulty lies in recruiting analytical experts who can generate relevant insights, and then channel that information through an organisation that is joined-up and able to meet customer needs – whether that's in-store, online or via an app. Of course, the real challenge is doing this in a way that’s profitable. (read more)

India’s Big Idea

Following last year’s election of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, India has seen a raft of changes, including tax incentives, plans for privatisation and lower caps on foreign investment. It’s hoped that collectively, these pro-business measures will help to accelerate growth and cement the country’s position as an economic powerhouse. But one year on, how much has the market really changed? (read more)

Model Behaviour

Media-friendly entrepreneurs or Silicon Valley tech gurus typically spring to mind when discussing role models in business, yet it’s often an entirely different breed who really inspire or rouse ambition in others. The best role models are emblematic of what’s good about an organisation and show that with the right skills and values, people from all backgrounds can rise to success. (read more)

That First Board Meeting as CEO

Knowing how to manage a board can be a tricky proposition for a new CEO. There may be a sneaking sense that the board is something of a distraction from running the business. This shouldn’t be the case and it’s up to the CEO, in conjunction with the chairman, to get the interaction right so everyone understands how these meetings can be productive. (read more)

Turning Your Executives into a Team

Only the CEO can set the tone and tempo for the top team. If there are secrets, hidden agendas or delusions of grandeur, then you probably know who’s to blame. By contrast, if the senior executives support one another, are willing to share ideas and bound by a common goal beyond quarterly targets and personal ambition, there’s very little they won’t be able to achieve. (read more)